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visible leader

The world needs good ideas, and people who lead to make them happen.A Visible Leader brings positive change into the world by amplifying knowledge and value creation.They are connected with topics that they love to talk about, that energize them, and that they feel eager to work & experiment with.We call these "topics that matter."Our Service provides tools and expertise to find this topics and to guide our clients to become known and respected experts that make an impact.

What we do


At Visible Leader we help our clients to grow on three dimensions:1. Vitalizing your strategic Position
2. Built the skills to stay highly relevant
3. Perform and inspire people
With our maturity framework for visible leaders we have identified 10 core competences, that help our clients to grow as leader/expert and as business professional.We work in prepared, high intensity 1:1 empowerment sprints (3 hrs) that provide a growth roadmap for actions, decisions and reflections for an upcoming period of 1-3 months.In the sessions we challenge our clients with empathy and respect, based on scientific evidence and analytical observation. We provide honest feedback that allow our clients to make better decisions and extend their leadership portfolio.

Value fit


We believe that value creation separates true leaders from ego-driven self-marketers.Our clients are committed to use all their skills and possibilities to make a positive impact in the world.They aim for nothing less than their best and are committed to learn and grow on a every day base.Our clients unterstand and utilize that empowered and inspired people are the fuel for world class innovation, high performance and a healthy work & life environment.


martin wolf

Martin Wolf is the founder and Head-Coach of Visible Leader.It is Martin’s vision, that the service of visible leader inspires bright minds to increase their visibility to impact more people in a positive way!Martin is certified academic psychological advisor with a focus on communication and organizational psychology.Through interactive lectures at universities and as a keynote speaker at select events, Martin excites leaders and innovators for the Human factor of things by sharing his observations at the intersection of business, people and technology.

what you can expect


We believe in the power of our partnership to help you to make a difference in your organisation, industry and in the world.We are Impact driven and we want you to succeed. Therefore we evaluate every sprint to make sure you can utilize all provided tools, and potential actions. If you are not convinced of a session, you simply don‘t pay for it.We will always actively invest into your trust, because it is the accelerator for your significant growth.Are you ready to take the next step?

Next steps


We invite you to asses your visible leader potential with our impact maturity framework.The evaluation will provide you with a clear overview of potential areas of improvement and support.After sending your request, you will receive an invite for the digital Visible Leader survey latest after 48 hours.

As soon as your inputs are evaluated, we are happy to share the results and give advice for your next steps and a potential cooperation.We invest in our partnership and keep this process free of any cost for you. All data is protected, and treaten confidential.

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